Caught and Released

Caught within the silken web
Of her love so sweet
My heart races with terror as
We make love within
The moon’s soft glow upon the
Clouds of pleasure
But like the lad who only fishes
For fun she releases
Let’s me return to my life below
Quite the tall tale my
Lips can tell my disbelieving
Buddies of making
Love to a lady of the evening
More amazing is
My survival to boast about it

Stolen Flower

From my father’s flower garden

My master plucked

Me with a single kiss he forever

Enslaved my body

Stole my soul after my father had

Murdered his lover

Drove a stake through her heart

Now my father seeks

To slay me – to release me from 

My master’s spell

Who soars with me just out of 

Reach upon the

Silky clouds of orgasmic pleasure

Human males bad

Boys who seek to harm others 

Are my lawful prey

While my master seeks out the 

Daughters of Satana

Who seek the demise of the male

Gender consumes 

Their souls within the soft glow 

Of moonlight while

His lust he sates with the curves 

Of my body my neck

Proudly wears his collar his name

Is written upon my

Keister for after all he is my lover

Stalked – Lured – Taken

From the herd of horny males
Seeking a sexy
Unwary Filly to sate their lust
My soft brown
Eyes the curves of my body
Drew my chosen
Unwary prey into a nearby ally
With my Back
Against a wall his hands upon
My Hips he
Thought he was about to get
Lucky as he
Pressed his lips to my hungry
Mouth as our
Kiss grew longer ever deeper
His eyes began
To widen with surprise fill with
Terror as my
Lips drank their fill of his soul

From Her Lips

Within the private sanctuary 

Of her Boudoir

The dark haired maiden stood 

Alone upon the 

Curves of her lips there danced 

A naughty smile 

Of expectant delight when she 

saw me appear 

Out of thin air to stand before

Her fertile beauty

A moment later as her silken

Robe gently puddled

Round her ankles she slipped

Into my Embrace

Freely gave to me her inner

Essence from her

Lips she let me drink my fill

Of her youthful 

Vitality refreshed my powers 


From the Shadows


From the grave that is our bed

We arose hand in hand

To seek out our prey within the

Soft glow of moonlight

A young couple out for a stroll

With eyes only for each

Other unaware of the danger

Lurking in the shadows

They never saw the death that

Awaited till it tapped

Upon their shoulder drew them

Apart from each other

Kicking and screaming into the

Shadows with our

Thirst abated into the darkness

We disappeared

Together made love upon the

Clouds high above

Till it was time to return to the

Unmarked Grave

That is our bed of love verboten


With a stake through her heart

He took the life 

Of my lover stole her from me 

Out of revenge

From his own flower garden my

Fingers boldly took

His favorite flower in full bloom

His very daughter

A single glance into my hypnotic

Sky blue eyes was 

All it took to make her desire to 

Become a creature

Of the night hunted by her father