Pixie Dust

Tis the lovely maiden with flaming
Red hair whose smile  
Is written upon my soul with a pen
Of fire who calls to my  
Heart whose dancing blue eyes melt
The sadness from my  
Mind lights up my life like a bonfire  
Much more than a fantasy
Yet she only exists within a dream  

Thinking of You

Far away within the darkness
Lying between
The stars my thoughts turn to
You my one true
Love who keeps my heart warm
Defending our
Home from alien invaders while
You keep the
Home fires burning ever so bright
Your only
Competition is the cockpit of my
Yet the power of its engines can’t
Compare to your
Smile when I take you in my arms

Caught and Released

Caught within the silken web
Of her love so sweet
My heart races with terror as
We make love within
The moon’s soft glow upon the
Clouds of pleasure
But like the lad who only fishes
For fun she releases
Let’s me return to my life below
Quite the tall tale my
Lips can tell my disbelieving
Buddies of making
Love to a lady of the evening
More amazing is
My survival to boast about it

Leaping Into the Dark

Into the endless dark my
Starfighter leaped
Carried me into the battle
While the fate of
My One true love teetered
In the balance
Anxiously awaited my return
To her loving arms
Took the fight to our common
Enemy made em
Fight for every square inch
Till they turned
Back with their tails ‘tween
Their furry legs
Upon my safe return my
One true love
Made it worth the wait her
Kisses made
Me forget the hell of battle

Stolen Flower

From my father’s flower garden

My master plucked

Me with a single kiss he forever

Enslaved my body

Stole my soul after my father had

Murdered his lover

Drove a stake through her heart

Now my father seeks

To slay me – to release me from 

My master’s spell

Who soars with me just out of 

Reach upon the

Silky clouds of orgasmic pleasure

Human males bad

Boys who seek to harm others 

Are my lawful prey

While my master seeks out the 

Daughters of Satana

Who seek the demise of the male

Gender consumes 

Their souls within the soft glow 

Of moonlight while

His lust he sates with the curves 

Of my body my neck

Proudly wears his collar his name

Is written upon my

Keister for after all he is my lover