The Wrong Place at The Worst Possible Moment

It was just after midnight when the first tremors of an undersea quake hit the nearby shore. Briefly causing the sand, in certain places where the conditions were just right to suddenly liquidfy; sucking down into the fertile womb of good ole mother earth anything or anyone who just happened to be standing in the wrong place and at the worst time possible.

Fresh faced and spunky Christine jogged along the deserted beach underneath the gaze of the full moon sailing across the clear sky. Listening to the sound of the waves gently caressing the shore as she gazed upwards at the twinkling stars without a single care in the world. The orbs of her melon sized udders bouncing up and down within the silky fabric of her one piece bathing suit with each and every step.

Unaware of the tremors racing towards her as the twenty year old college coed raced the wind. Until without any warning whatsoever the soft sand underneath her bare feet collapsed causing Christine to stumble. Suddenly thrown off balance as she was unexpectedly jolted back to earth the curvaceous daughter of mother nature fell to her knees and fought to keep from falling onto her face. Only to watch in horror as she slipped downward up to the curves of her well toned thighs as her heart beat like a drum against her ribcage.

Floundering like a fish out of water Christine cried out for help as she sank up to her crotch within the shifting sand. Yet no came to her rescue as the swirling grains of sand began to swallow the twin ovals of her cute little ass, flowed over the curves of her hips and began to climb up her waist. Then as the sand hungrily consumed her flat stomach Christine suddenly found herself bathed in a circle of light. Looking upwards as the bottoms of her melon sized udders began to settle on top of the sand, shading her eyes from the glare of artificially generated white light with her hands, the stranded two legged filly spotted a drone hovering just out of reach above her head.

Waving franticly at the unmanned aircraft in a vain attempt to get its distant operators attention. Christine screamed in utter terror as the luscious orbs of her milk jugs disappeared, as she sank up to her clean shaven armpits, and the swirling sand began to nibble at the delicate curves of her shoulders.

Unfortunately for Christine the drone hovering just above her had been in the right place and at the best possible moment to catch her demise. And even though it’s operator had indeed radioed for help the very moment the high definition camera; mounted on his drone had spotted the daughter of mother nature floundering within the shifting sand. The curvaceous two legged dear was sinking so fast that she would be long gone before help could arrive.

All the drones operator could do was watch as Christine was forced to tilt her head backwards as the rapidly shifting grains of sand climbed up her neck and the sides of her face. While the microphone on his drone recorded the screams and last words of the hapless two legged dear before she was forced to close her eyes after taking her final breath. Just before the rising sand flowed over the lovely features of her face as it erased Christine from the land of the living. So that all that could be seen were the long furrows made by the curvaceous two legged filly’s long and slender fingers. As she was dragged kicking and screaming downward into her unmarked grave within the fertile womb of good ole mother earth. Nor was it long before the rising tide erased the only evidence of the hapless coeds presence leaving the beach as pristine as it had been eons before human beings had come along.