Stolen Flower

From my father’s flower garden

My master plucked

Me with a single kiss he forever

Enslaved my body

Stole my soul after my father had

Murdered his lover

Drove a stake through her heart

Now my father seeks

To slay me – to release me from 

My master’s spell

Who soars with me just out of 

Reach upon the

Silky clouds of orgasmic pleasure

Human males bad

Boys who seek to harm others 

Are my lawful prey

While my master seeks out the 

Daughters of Satana

Who seek the demise of the male

Gender consumes 

Their souls within the soft glow 

Of moonlight while

His lust he sates with the curves 

Of my body my neck

Proudly wears his collar his name

Is written upon my

Keister for after all he is my lover