Into the nearby fen 

The lovely maiden fled from an 

Unknown terror her 

Breasts bouncing up and down 

Like bowels of Jell-O


From time to time 

The daughter of mother nature

Glanced back over

Her shoulder then ran all faster

Towards her doom


Till at last the ground

Gave way underneath her bare feet

Made her stumble and

Nearly fall upon her Lovely face as

She fell upon her hands


To her utter horror

The frightened lass watched as her 

Fingers Disappeared 

Out of sight within the moist earth

As she heard herself


Scream in abject terror

As she bobbed Up and down upon the 

Quivering surface like 

A fishing bobber riding upon the restless

Waves of a fishing lake 


Within the soft glow 

Of moonlight her terror filled eyes

Watched As the orbs 

Of her heaving breasts receeded

Out of sight


Inch by inch the hungry 

Bog into which she’d haplessly fallen gobbled

Down the squirming lass

Until at last all that could be seen was the

Oval of her Lovely face


One final scream was all

The denizens of the surrounding forest 

Heard as the sexy Maiden

Ever so slowly disappeared underneath

The surface of the bog


Then found herself forever

Entombed within the fertile womb of good ole

Mother earth as she closed

Her eyes – took her final breath – with her final

Scream ringing in her ears